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17 Best Things to do in Gran Canaria, Spain (Canary Islands)


From the Maspalomas Dunes and dramatic caldera views to natural volcanic swimming pools, here are the best things to do in Gran Canaria, Spain. ⭐ For more details on things to do in Gran Canaria, visit 🤍 ⭐ Not sure where to stay in Gran Canaria, visit 🤍 🇪🇸 Don't be treated like a tourist, feel like a local. Learn Spanish with my unique 80/20 method. Join now and learn anywhere, anytime and on any device. Visit 🤍 Here are 17 Best Things to do in Gran Canaria, Spain 02:29 Explore Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 03:40 See the dog statues in Plaza de Santa Ana 05:03 Visit Casa de Colón 05:40 Have lunch at Mercado del Puerto 06:24 Relex at Playa de Las Canteras 07:12 A brief history of Gran Canaria 08:59 Puerto de Las Nieves 09:18 Puerto de Las Nieves and Agaete 09:28 Swiming in the natural volcanic pools (Agaete Piscina Natural) 10:24 Dedo de Dio beach 10:46 Have cocktails on the rooftop at Occidental Roca Negra 11:23 Maipés de Agaete archaeological site 13:54 Visit Tejeda and the Roque Nublo 15:43 Relax at Perchel Beach Club 17:03 Explore the Maspalomas Dunes 18:43 La ReKompensa Banana Plantation in Arucas 19:53 Arehucas Rum Distillery 21:21 Visit Arucas and the Chuch of San Juan Bautista 21:59 Bodega Señor de Cabrera 22:59 The Spanish language spoken in the Canary islands 24:11 Basic Spanish phrases for travel 26:15 Where to stay in Gran Canaria Recommended day trips, tours and experiences in Gran Canaria Gran Canaria offers a plethora of unique tours and experiences, here are some of my favourites I recommend: Explore the landscapes around the Fataga Natural Park in this off-road adventure tour BOOK HERE - 🤍 Splash into the clear, colorful waters on a scuba diving experience, choose from the following departure points: - From Puerto Calma BOOK HERE 🤍 - From Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria is this likely to sell out scuba trip BOOK HERE 🤍 - From Puerto de Mogan BOOK HERE 🤍 Cruise along the Gran Canaria coast in a luxury catamaran BOOK HERE 🤍 See the most iconic and epic landscapes on this private photography tour BOOK HERE 🤍 Take this guided tour of vineyards, a wine museum, wineries and wine tasting BOOK HERE 🤍 Visit the lush Azuaje Ravine, rainforest, and seaside swimming holes at Agaete BOOK HERE 🤍 Tandem paragliding from Las Canteras, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria BOOK HERE 🤍 Go skydiving over the Maspalomas Dunes BOOK HERE 🤍 Jump the highest bungee jumping of Gran Canaria in La Calzada (28m) BOOK HERE 🤍 Rope Swinging (28 m) from La Calzada Bridge near Las Palmas de Gran Canaria BOOK HERE 🤍 #spain #grancanaria #spaintravel LANGUAGE RESOURCES ✩ Get an exclusive viewer discount of 95% off Mondly’s Lifetime subscription with access to 40+ languages, visit 🤍 ✩ To receive exclusive language tips to your inbox, make sure you sign up to my email list! Visit 🤍 ✩ Book an online lesson or conversation lesson with my favourite platform italki, visit 🤍 ✩ Learning a niche language? utalk is the best resource for finding excellent language learning material in over 100 languages! Visit 🤍 (For an exclusive 30% OFF discount you won't find anywhere else!) ✩ Go from clueless to confident and learn Spanish before your trip with my 80/20 method. Check out my Intrepid Languages courses here 🤍 ✩ Explore my store of language inspired products, from tote bags to t-shirts, notebooks and phone cases. Visit 🤍 SUBSCRIBE - 🤍 ✩ For Language Learning & Travel Tips Visit My Blog - 🤍 FOLLOW ME ON ✩ Instagram - 🤍 ✩ Facebook - 🤍 ✩ Twitter - 🤍

10 Places To Visit in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Spain (2023)


Visit 🤍 to read our articles about Spain! Click 🤍 to watch our video about our epic 10-day Gran Canaria road trip! Thank you for watching our video about the best places to visit in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria! 0:00 Intro 1:25 Playa de las Canteras 3:13 El Confital 4:17 Vegueta 4:55 Casa de Colon 5:30 The Cathedral of Santa Ana 6:09 Triana 6:37 The Markets of Las Palmas 7:21 Castillo de la Luz 7:53 San Cristobal 8:29 La Laja Natural Pools The capital of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas is a vibrant coastal town with gorgeous beaches, fantastic promenades and a quaint Old Town. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is also the perfect base from where to explore the entire island. However, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is often overlooked as most travellers head to the island’s south, in a quest to find the best beaches and resorts. Yet, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a city with a unique character and it’s worth a trip in its own right. In this video, we’re showing you the most exciting places to visit in Las Palmas! If you enjoyed this video about the best places to visit in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, please like, comment and share it. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel! 💜 If you love our content, help us keep on making it by giving us a Super Thanks! Please consider using the links below when planning your trip to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Booking through these affiliate links helps us run our content creation business, as we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. TRAVEL RESOURCES FOR LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA Purchase your flights to Las Palmas ➡🤍 Book your hotel in Las Palmas ➡ 🤍 Rent a car in Las Palmas ➡ 🤍 Join the best tours in Las Palmas ➡ 🤍 Buy travel insurance ➡ 🤍 Grab your Wise Card ➡ 🤍

Las Palmas Gran Canaria 4K UHD


Welcome to Las Palmas 4K. This virtual walking tour takes you through the center of Las Palmas, full of business, shopping, and nightlife districts. Feel the atmosphere of the city and relax during the breathtaking virtual trip. Walk the local streets, and listen to the sounds of the city. #grancanaria #canaryislands You will be taken to the center of Las Palmas where we will start the virtual walk. During the city tour, you will have an opportunity to discover the center of Las Palmas, full of fascinating things to do and places to see. Through the virtual city tour, you can relax while enjoying the city life and the sounds of the city. The city center has everything from a wide variety of shops, cozy cafes, business offices to five-star hotels, and trendy restaurants. Take inspiration from this leisurely city walk, take in the relaxing city sounds, learn more about the capital of Las Palmas, and never stop dreaming of visiting exciting new cities and countries. Let's together enjoy the virtual tour, city soundscape, and the urban life of Las Palmas! Never stop exploring a popular virtual walking tours youtube channel, all about videos of walking through various cities around the world. From crowded streets to silent walks in non touristic areas. No intrusive faces, voiceover or explanations, just the world as natural as possible. Every video is as if a video camera were moving around on its own and recording everything. Occasionally interacting with things and people. Super relaxing and cool to watch to get a glimpse of everyday life in distant places, in 4K Ultra HD 60fps content. Popular Searches: #virtualtreadmill #virtualwalk #citywalks #virtualtravel #4KUHD #UrbanLife #CityLife #Citybreak #TravelGuide #WalkingTour This is a Virtual Walking Tour, different to classic travel videos or a travel guide. Don't Forget to comment ✍🏻Like 👍and ✅subscribe to my channel Video From travel vlog: Las Palmas Gran Canaria 4K UHD Video Resolution: 4K ultra HD video 60fps Equipment used: Sony a7III Video Type: walking tour, virtual walk, treadmill, city sounds, virtual tour, city walk, city life, city tour One men, one life, one way, one word, travel vlog 🏠 Visit my blog: 🤍 🎥 YouTube: 🤍 📸 Instagram: 🤍 👍 Facebook: 🤍 📺 Footage Licensing: + Download prohibited | Absolutely NO unlicensed usage | NO reproduction (in part or in its entirety) for TV/Media/News/YouTube/Social Media or anything else without prior written permission + xannbalumba



While Jennifer Lopez was in the Gran Canary Island filing netflix film "The Mother," I checked out Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands Spain) and give my first impressions while exploring neighborhoods where most tourists don't go. This place has a unique mix of The Americas, Europe, and Africa. As always, I meet interesting locals who show me the places I go. ✅ I maintain my beard with products from: 🤍 SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL ✅ ►PayPal: 🤍 (one-time support) ►Patreon: 🤍 (monthly support) 💥Mi Canal en ESPAÑOL: 🤍 FOLLOW ME 📸 ►Instagram: 🤍 ►FACEBOOK PAGE: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Tik tok: 🤍 Adventure Elliot is a bilingual travel vlogger (English and Spanish) with a particular interest in the Spanish speaking world. I enjoy taking adventures - big or small - and my goal is to show the Spanish speaking world 1 video at a time. The goal of my channel is simple yet complex: I want to document and share authentic & educational content of anything related to Adventure Travel, Geography, & Language in the Spanish-speaking world. It's kind of a loaded topic, but it allows me to never exhaust my creative outlets. The truth is, I've always been extremely passionate about what I'm doing on my channel, but I never properly documented it when I started adventuring as a younger man in my college years. I've made over 150 Youtube videos in both English and Spanish, and I have aspirations to make 1000s more. If that sounds interesting to you, join the community and follow me along the way.. After all, we're just getting started. #AdventureElliot #CanaryIslands #TravelVlog

【4K 60fps】🇪🇸 VIRTUAL WALKING TOUR: 🚶 «Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Spain 2023» 🎧ORIGINAL SOUNDS ASMR


🇪🇸 4K 60FPS UltraHD World Trip Virtual Walking Tour Travel Footage of Las Palmas (Gran Canaria, Spain), showing Street Scenes of this incredible beach city. Walk, discover, explore and see the city life, Las Canteras beach, Canaria local government centre, Alfredo Kraus hall, Santa Ana cathedral, lighthouse in Las Palmas port, Perez Galdos theater, views of downtown Las Palmas and much more; project finished & uploaded on 2022-12-14 by One Man Wolf Pack UltraHD Drone Footage. #travel #laspalmas #grancanario ▶️ Highlights 0:00 ▶️ Walking Tour - Las Palmas (Spain) 2023 7:16 ▶️ Further Street Scenes of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 44:48 🏠 Visit our blog 🤍 🤍 🎥 YouTube: 🤍 📺 Footage Licensing: 🤍 🎥 Media data: This video (Internal ID 1349, shots taken in November 2022 and video published in 2023) is an extraction of our self-captured Las Palmas 4K Video Footage & Las Palmas Pictures. Copyright protected Footage and Photos on Sale. For inquiries, please contact us via E-Mail or our Blog. 👉 One Man Wolf Pack Contact: 🤍 About Las Palmas: Las Palmas (UK: /ˌlæs ˈpælməs, - ˈpɑːl-/, US: /ˌlɑːs ˈpɑːlməs, -mɑːs/; Spanish: las ˈpalmas), officially Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is a Spanish city and capital of Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands, on the Atlantic Ocean. It is the capital (jointly with Santa Cruz de Tenerife), the most populous city in the autonomous community of the Canary Islands, and the ninth-largest city in Spain with a population of 381,223 in 2020. It is also the fifth-most populous urban area in Spain and (depending on sources) ninth- or tenth-most populous metropolitan area in Spain. Las Palmas is located in the northeastern part of the island of Gran Canaria, about 150 km (93 mi) off the Moroccan coast in the Atlantic Ocean. Las Palmas experiences a hot desert climate, offset by the local cooler Canary Current, with warm temperatures throughout the year. It has an average annual temperature of 21.2 °C (70.2 °F). The city was founded in 1478, and considered the de facto (without legal and real recognition) capital of the Canary Islands until the seventeenth century. It is the home of the Canarian Ministry of Presidency (shared in a four-year term with Santa Cruz de Tenerife), as well as half of the ministries and boards of the Canarian government, and the High Court of Justice of the Canary Islands. // Las Canteras beach, Canaria local government centre, Alfredo Kraus hall, Santa Ana cathedral by night, lighthouse in Las Palmas port, Perez Galdos theater, view of downtown Las Palmas [Source: wikipedia // Google] » Among others, you will see following places (Keywords): travel, blog, motovlog, motovlogging, moto, motorbike, around, the, world, explore, sightseeing, virtual, walking, immersive, asmr, immersion, pov, fpv, tour, guide, free, walk, through, city, backpacker, sights, original, street, sounds, binaural, attractions, online, traveller, metropolis, downtown, cbd, tourist, destination, las, palmas, de, gran, canaria, spanish, city, capital, canary, islands, island, life, atlantic, ocean, santa, cruz, de, tenerife, populous, autonomous, community, espana, morocco, casablanca, cape, verde, moroccan, coast, atlantico, brazil, cruise, ship, cruzeiro 👉 Backlinks: 🤍 🤍 (Video List) 🤍 (All Videos by One Man Wolf Pack) 🤍 (Buy 4K Drone RAW Footage | Stock from 90+ Countries) 🔥 WATCH OUR SIGNATURE DRONE FOOTAGE: 🤍 【4K】THE WORLD as you have never seen before 🤍 【4K】The Beauty of PLANET EARTH in 3 ½ Hours 🤍 【4K】8 HOUR DRONE FILM: «Caribbean Islands» 🤍 【4K】THE WORLD | 6 Continents | 66 Countries 🤍 【4K】50 MEGACITIES of the World 2019 🤍 【4K】88 MEGACITIES of the World 2020 🤍 【4K】PLANET EARTH | 10 HOURS Aerial 🔥🔥🔥 ▶️ Subscribe: 🤍 📺 Interested in buying our footage? Contact us: 🤍 ♪ All music tracks (thank you to the artists) are fully licensed ♪ ⚖️ Production Copyright © Miroslaw Wawak | All rights reserved by Copyright Law | One Man Wolf Pack 2023 - 🤍 ⚖️ ❗ Download prohibited | Absolutely NO unlicensed usage | NO reproduction (in part or in its entirety) for TV/Media/News/YouTube/Instagram/Social Media or anything else (commercial nor private) without prior written permission or license ❗

Top 15 Best Things to do & see in Gran Canaria !


Our 15 best things to do and see in Gran Canaria. 4K Video with beautiful images ! Visit Gran Canaria and enjoy this beautiful island... For any other information we are happy to answer your questions. In this video you will see: - Roque Nublo which is considered one of the biggest natural crags in the world. - Watching the sun set behind Teide volcano over in Tenerife is the perfect way to round off a day on Amadores beach - GuiGui secret beach - Maspalomas Sand Dunes one of the must visit if you are in Gran Canaria- - To appreciate the essence of a place and soak up its atmosphere there is nothing better than getting to the highest point. In Gran Canaria this is the Pico de las Nieves lookout point right in the centre of the island. - Mirador del Balcon viewpoint is in the far west of Gran Canaria and hangs over the sea at the top of a steep cliiff edge with spectacular views out over the Atlantic Ocean. From the viewpoint you get a clear view of a zigzag wall of sea cliffs called the “Dragon’s Tail”. Turning back to look at the island you see the La Arena Valley and the wide, green La Aldea de San Nicolás. - Las Vacas ravine has become a well-known tourist attraction for visitors of Gran Canaria because of its peculiar rock formations called Tobas de Colores which bear a certain resemblance to the famous Antelope Canyon in the United States. - Las Canteras beach in northeast Gran Canaria, right in the capital city Las Palmas, is amongst Europe’s most famous city beaches.Its natural offshore lava reef acts as a wavebreak and protects the sand and the exuberant marine life that make Las Canteras a top snorkeling spot.Las Canteras is an ideal beach for long barefoot walks as it’s golden sand stretches for over two kilometres. during the day you can sunbathe by the sand sculptures, rent parasols and loungers or surf at the southern end. - Barranco del Medio with Los Azulejos de Veneguera is one of those surprises that make me pull the car over, pull the hand brake and run out with the camera and the drone :) - Puerto de las Nieves in Agaete, Gran Canaria, is one of the most charming coastal towns on the Canarian island that is worth visiting for a few days of rest and relaxation. Its spectacular landscapes (The El Dedo de Dios Monument), warm climate, leisure sites, and natural pools make the Puerto de las Nieves in Gran Canaria an appetizing stop to enjoy the best sailor’s style of the archipelago. - Tufia hamlet is famous for it's existential battle against the Spanish government. Its beach, tiny as it is, is the headquarters of resistance. Little more than a cluster of whitewashed houses by the sea, Tufia is far more shabby than chic and only has a chiringuito bar during the summer. However, it's become a battleground between the Spanish government and residents. Built without permission in the 1960s in an area that is now a nature reserve, almost all of Tufia's 90 houses are scheduled for demolition. The locals are fighting to protect their seaside homes and have even arranged international art festivals to publicise their fight. It'll take a brave politician to send in the bulldozers as Tufia is a cause celebré amongst Gran Canaria's alternative crowd. - This neighbourhood in the Gáldar municipality promises fun right down the street, since that’s where you’ll find both the thoroughfare and the sea. Native painter and expressionist Antonio Padrón used to spend summers with his family on the beach of Sardina del Norte. This paradise in the north of Gran Canaria has Sardina Beach, several piers, Roqueta beach, and Barranquillo del Vino, where expert swimmers bathe. The Sardina Lighthouse area is ideal for diving, spearfishing, and hiking. Skirting the coast from there, you’ll reach the town of Gáldar. Info Source - 🤍 - 🤍 If you want to follow our adventures, press the SUBSCRIBE button and the BELL 🔔 to receive notifications when we post a new video! You can also find us on social networks: ► FACEBOOK ► : 🤍 ► INSTAGRAM ►🤍 #grancanaria #travel #travelvlog #canarias #islascanarias _Timestamp 0:00 Roque Nublo 0:59 Amadores Beach 1:56 Gui Gui Beach 3:06 Maspalomas Sand Dunes 3:53 Faro de Maspalomas 4:24 Pico de Las Nieves 5:17 Mirador del Balcon 6:12 Canarian Food 7:00 Las Canteras Beach 7:50 Las Vacas Ravine 8:50 Tufia Beach 9:39 Los Azulejos De Veneguera (Rainbow Rocks) 10:19 Sardina del Norte Beach 11:20 Puerto de las Nieves 12:16 Firgas 12:48 Aguimes 13:13 Galdar 13:47 Arucas 14:32 Spectacular roads in Gran Canaria

GRAN CANARIA: een eiland vol UNIEKE ERVARINGEN | Reisgids


De ultieme reisgids van Gran Canaria. Vlieg met ons mee naar de parel van de Canarische Eilanden. De stranden zijn goudbruin, de natuur is uniek en de traditionele cultuur laat zich overal zien! Abonneer je op dit kanaal ✈ 🤍  Een eiland zo rijk aan verschillende ervaringen als Gran Canaria is zeldzaam. We laten je graag zien waarom. Laten we aftrappen bij de speciale zandduinen van Maspalomas, waar het woord zonsondergang echt tot zijn recht komt. Struin daarna door het koloniale vissersdorpje Puerto de Mogán en zie hoe het zomerse zonnetje daar het hele jaar aanwezig is. Dan op naar de hoofdstad Las Palmas. Hier trekken de unieke kleuren van San Juan direct je aandacht. Ook laat het bruisende nachtleven je achter met een cocktail in je hand een lach op je gezicht. Trek daarna je wandelschoenen aan en wandel mee langs een avontuurlijke route door het ravijn van Las Vacas en vele andere unieke plekjes. Natuurliefhebbers zullen smullen van het vulkanische gesteente dat het hele eiland van unieke tochten en prachtige uitzichten voorziet. Tot slot plonsen we nog even in één van de vele natuurlijke zwembaden van Gran Canaria, waar je naast alle uitgestrekte blauwe zandstranden, ook heerlijk in kunt zwemmen en snorkelen. Ga je mee op ontdekking? _ 00:00 Introductie 00:30 Las Palmas 00:45 Luchthaven 00:51 Vervoer op het eiland 01:02 Maspalomas 01:09 Hotel Gold 01:17 Zandduinen 01:45 Vuurtoren ‘El Faro’ 01:59 Oudste vuurtoren 02:04 Playa del Ingles 02:28 Autorit naar Puerto de Mogán 02:41 Puerto de Mogán 03:03 Club Maroa 03:12 Duiken in Puerto de Mogán 03:24 Atelier Cocktail bar 03:48 Autorit naar Laspalmas 04:04 Vegueta 04:34 Stadswandeling door Laspalmas 04:54 Catedral de Santa Ana 05:22 Uitzicht over de stad 05:37 Casa Montesdeoca Restaurante 05:43 Koffie drinken 05:50 San Juan 06:08 Autorit naar Tafira 06:18 Jardin Botánico Canario Viera y Clavijo 06:33 Botanische tuin 06:53 Beschermde natuurreservaten 07:04 Restaurant Pop’Ology 07:24 Rocktop la Peregrina 07:44 Fooi geven 08:04 Tobas de Colores 09:04 Pico de las Nieves 09:36 Roque Nublo 10:03 Autorit naar binnenland 10:07 Cruz de Tejeda 10:12 Middenpunt van het eiland 10:16 Mirador de la Esquina 10:38 Cuevas de Acusa Seca 11:04 Natuurlijke zwembaden 11:21 Agaete Natural Pools 11:40 Een prachtig eiland voor iedereen _ Onze collega's slaan in ons nieuwe reisprogramma hun speciale reisgids voor je open. Ontdek bestemmingen die onder de radar vliegen, maar rijk zijn aan prachtige verrassingen. Ga je mee op een avontuurlijke tour langs stad, strand, cultuur en natuur? Tip! Abonneer je op ons YouTube-kanaal, dan ben je als eerste op de hoogte als er een nieuwe aflevering online is ✈ 🤍 Met élke week een nieuwe video ↪ Vrijdag om 16:00 uur _ Welkom op het YouTube-kanaal van Transavia! We geven je een kijkje achter de schermen bij onze vliegtuigen én de mensen. Blijf op de hoogte en kijk naar series als Welkom Aan Boord, People of Transavia, Gek op Reizen en natuurlijk de belangrijkste tips voor reizen! Kies je reisbestemming: ↪ 🤍 Volg Transavia op social media: ↪ Facebook Transavia: 🤍 ↪ Instagram Transavia: 🤍 ↪ Twitter Transavia: 🤍 Heb je vragen aan Transavia? ↪ 🤍 #Transavia #Reisgids #TravelGuide

Gran Canaria De Las Palmas Old Town , Spain Canary Islands


GRAN CANARIA - Las Palmas Old Town walking near the cathedral in old town.

Gran Canaria Las Palmas | Cinematic Walking Tour 2023


Join me on my Sunday walk in Vegueta and beautiful Las Canteras promenade and beach. More information about the island: 🤍 Music in this vlog is from Epidemicsound If you like the music and would like to use the similar music in your vlogs, just try for free 1 month. Use this link below: 🤍 #grancanaria #laspalmas #spain #kanariansaaret #kanarian saaret #espanja #lascanteras #vegueta #insta360 #insta360x3

Gran Canaria Las Palmas Playa de las Canteras The Whole Beachwalk


Gran Canaria Las Palmas Playa del Las Canteras The Whole Beachwalk. You know we have a curfew here, in Spain, like the many other Countries. Therefore, the recordings are from the Summer of 2019, but with new Music. We Love Canarias Playa Las Canteras 🤍 Playa Grande - Playa de Las Canteras 🤍 La Cícer 🤍 La Puntilla (Playa de Las Canteras) 🤍 SUBSCRIBE and hit the bell for our daily Gran Canaria Island videos! 🤍 Join us on Patreon. For Live Streams, exclusive content and other perks! Please become a Patron and support our production. 🤍 We Love Canarias is a Holiday Video Magazine. We make videos about the Canary Islands. About sightseeing, excursions and city tours, about hiking tours and routes, about nature, culture and recreation. We film in 4K without any post-processing or filters. We try to present the Islands as they really are, the Islands of Eternal Spring, located in the Atlantic Ocean. A piece of Europe in Africa. At the moment we are filming in Gran Canaria. There are already videos about Las Palmas, Playa del Ingles, San Agustin, About the dunes of Maspalomas, from Meloneras, Puerto Rico, Arguineguin, Puerto de Mogan. About the beautiful beaches of the island. And many more will follow.

Weird exotic fruit in Las Palmas? - Best Things To Do in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


Is Las Palmas worth to visit? This vlog will show you the best things to do in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria's Capital City. And it is definitely worth a visit. This complete holiday guide to Las Palmas, will show you the capital of Gran Canaria in the ultimate way. It will show you the history of Las Palmas, the best areas to go for dinner and the ultimate beach place. Apparently Las Palmas has the best urban beach of the island. In this vlog I will take you around Las Palmas, showing you things to do in Vegueta, the old historic part of the city. From here we discover exotic fruits on the local market and have architectural views that are completely hidden for tourists. If this isn't enough for you, we visit Las Canteras. Las Canteras has loads of things to do here in Las Palmas. It contains the best Urban Beach of the Island and loads of restaurants. So what are you waiting for? Pack your back and travel to Gran Canaria to visit Las Palmas. If you love this don't forget to support me: 🤍 - #laspalmas #grancanaria 00:00 - Introduction 00:10 - Las Palmas Introduction 00:31 - Vegueta 01:27 - Get Lost 02:00 - Balconies 02:21 - Mercado de Vegueta 03:00 - Strange Viewpoint 03:40 - Tunos 04:41 - Cactus Fruit 05:49 - Exotic Fruit 07:09 - Las Canteras Don't forget to check out: Svenywhere's blog: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 Follow me on Facebook: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 Support!: 🤍 - Gear I use: + DJI Osmo Mobile 2 ► 🤍 + Microphone ► 🤍 + Sound Recorder ► 🤍 Where I stayed in Gran Canaria: + Hotel Santa Catalina, A Royal Hideaway Hotel ► 🤍 What would you like to do in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria?

CANARY ISLANDS 2021: Gran Canaria Travel Vlog | Drone 4K | Las Palmas | Puerto de Mogán, Beaches


What to see in Gran Canaria? Join us on our trip to Canary Islands to explore Gran Canaria’s biggest attractions - the Cactus Park Cactualdea, Las Palmas, Puerto de Mogán, Dunes in Maspalomas, beaches, Puerto de Las Nieves and Pico de Las Nieves! Subscribe to our channel: 🤍 airbnb: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Restaurants: - Tasca Flamboyan – Telde - Triciclo – Las Palmas - LACANDELLA – Las Palmas - Ibéricos J.Cruz – Maspalomas Cactualdea Park: 🤍 In this video you will find: 0:00 Introduction 2:43 Cactualdea Park 3:27 Puerto de Mogan 3:59 Puerto de las Nieves 4:30 Maspalomas Dunes 5:05 Las Palmas 5:18 Columbus House 6:06 Las Canteras Beach 6:29 Pico de las Nieves 7:24 Teror 8:06 Caleta de Arriba 8:46 Beaches 9:44 Best food in Gran Canaria

Citytrip Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: in de voetsporen van Columbus | TheSuusjeQ


Eind september 2017 was ik een lang weekend in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Aanleiding van de trip? Ik vertrok maandag 25 september met Nomad Cruise naar Panama! Maar ik greep graag de gelegenheid aan om de hoofdstad van Gran Canaria (en omgeving) eens te ontdekken. Met dank aan Turismo de Gran Canaria #GranCanaria #GreatDestination En Bruno van Trip Gran Canaria voor de tours: 🤍 Lees meer over mijn stedentrip Las Palmas op mijn blog: 🤍 Lees hier meer over Nomad Cruise: 🤍 Lees hier meer over Panama: 🤍 Over mijn blog Artikel 2.55 The right and guide to live the life you want! Travel- & businessblog met de focus op 'Leuker werk, meer reizen'. Doelgroep: Nederlandse moderne, ambitieuze en reislustige vrouwen van 25-34 jaar. Bekijk meer video's op mijn YouTube-kanaal: 🤍 Volg mij op Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Music credits: 1. Travel Light - Jason Shaw 2. Fidel - Bruno Bassi 3. Let me know - Stupead 4. Incubus - Alvan Editing by Jessica Lokker / Lokker media Liefs, SuusjeQ a.k.a. Suzanne van Duijn

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


Gran Canaria Las Palmas: A Beach Haven like No Other 🇪🇸📷


🌎My travel e-guides: 🤍 🤍 Playa de las Américas: 5 REASONS TO VISIT 🤍 Is this the best city beach in the world? In Spain?! Playa de las Canteras in Las Palmas on the island of Gran Canaria. ❤ Want to support me in these videos? Hit that Super Thanks button and share some love. (look for the 🤍 with a $ near the Like 👍) Or simply just give a thumbs up, that's free and much appreciated, too. 🙏Community Please subscribe to my channel, join the community, for all the latest videos 🤍 📧 Newsletter Join my newsletter email list for travel tips and hacks, and exclusive content. 🤍 📷My recent videos: How to order a coffee in Italy ☕🇮🇹: 🤍 Singapore's Chinatown Complex Food Centre MUST Eats: 🤍 How To Survive A Flight To Australia: 🤍 ⚙ Gear I use for travel: Plug adaptor: 🤍 Power strip (plug into an adaptor): 🤍 Portable USB Charger (a must!): 🤍 Spanish phrase book: 🤍 Samsonite hard shell luggage: 🤍 Rimowa Essential Cabin Luggage: 🤍 Lowepro ProTactic 450: 🤍 Lowepro Truckee Backpak: 🤍 (If you buy using this links above, I receive a commission via the Amazon Affiliate Program.) 🔗 Useful links Where I ate: 🤍 Playa del Inglés: 🤍 Where I slept: 🤍 Contact me: gregor at gregorbrown dot com

Approach & landing runway 03R Gran Canaria Las Palmas (LPA GCLP)


Gran Canaria Airport, (Spanish: Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria) is a passenger and freight airport on the island of Gran Canaria. It is an important airport within the Spanish air-transport network. The airport is located in the eastern part of Gran Canaria on the Bay of Gando (Bahía de Gando), 19 km south of center of the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and 25 km from the popular tourist areas in the south. The airport was an official alternative (emergency) landing site for the NASA Space Shuttle, before the ending of Space Shuttle programme in July 2011. This flight is taking you from the east side of the island toward the airport. Due to WIP (Work in progress) we perform the VOR 03L sidestep 03R approach and have to vacate the runway at the end. All ATC and conversations are from this flight. Enjoy the view and movie! Greetings, MightyMKL. (Don't forget to subscribe & like!)



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COSA FARE a GRAN CANARIA e Las Palmas (+ quanto ho speso)


📌 PARTITA IVA con Fiscozen: consulenza GRATIS e 50€ di sconto ⏩ 🤍 Sono stato a Gran Canaria per 15 giorni per lavorare a dei progetti, ospite di Stan e Alessia (GRAZIE RAGAZZI). Sgamatevi foto e stories in evidenza di Gran Canaria anche sul mio Instagram 🤍renezanella (🤍 Stan Trevis - YouTube: 🤍 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 On a trip to GRAN CANARIA (and Las Palams) - Renè Zanella I was in Gran Canaria for 15 days working on some projects, guest of Stan Trevis and Alessia (THANKS GUYS) Check some pics and some stories Highlights on my Instagram 🤍renezanella (🤍 Thanks to: 🤍ghph for support #GranCanaria #Canarie #LasPalmas #nomadedigitale #renezanella

Wetter Gran Canaria Maspalomas 1.4.23 Traurig...Schon 15 Ertrunkene in diesem Jahr - GC-Las Palmas


Zu Verkaufen. Haus in Arinaga, am Strand bei Conny Canarias...🤍 Der Shop: 🤍 Harrys Shop....die T-Shirts und Tassen sowie die Aufkleber könnt Ihr ab sofort bestellen auf der nachfolgenden Webseite: 🤍 .......das aktuelle Wetter hier .... immer bestens informiert...oder hier.... 🤍 Weitere Nachrichten gibt es hier.... Quelle: 🤍 Iss mehr Obst!- GC-Las Palmas.... Der in Obst enthaltene Fruchtzucker ist nach Einschätzung spanischer Ärzte gut für die Gesundheit und beugt Krankheiten vor. Konsumiert werden sollte allerdings die reine Frucht, keine Säfte oder verarbeitetes Obst. Besonders empfohlen wird der Verzehr von Datteln, Trauben, Mangos, Feigen und Bananen. Quelle: 🤍 Schon 15 Ertrunkene in diesem Jahr - GC-Las Palmas... Kalender Bestellung unter: 🤍 2 Stck. zum Preis von einem Kalender Harrys Aufkleber und Kalender 2023 und Tassen online bestellen. Bestellungen auf der nachfolgenden Webseite: 🤍 Bitte beim Bezahlen bitte immer die Bestellnummer mit angeben...und ganz wichtig die genaue Lieferadresse... Kanal abonnieren, so geht es. Am Ende dieses Videos auf das Profilbild klicken, oder Melde dich auf einem Computer in YouTube an. Rufe ein Video von einem Kanal auf, den du abonnieren möchtest. Klicke unter dem Videoplayer auf "Abonnieren". Danke schön. #HarryHurtig#Maspalomas#wetter



Gran Canaria is a member of the Canary Islands in Spain. One of the best climatic places in Europe.The most popular tourist destinations are Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas. We will show you these destinations, but we will not forget the beautiful southern beaches;. Anfi, Amadores, Puerto de Mogán, Taurito, Puerto Rico 📢 𝗣𝗹𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗲 𝗦𝘂𝗯𝘀𝗰𝗿𝗶𝗯𝗲: 🤍 📅𝗥𝗲𝗰𝗼𝗿𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗱𝗮𝘁𝗲 : January, 2023 📍 𝗩𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗼 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺 : Gran Canaria ,Canary Islands, Spain ❤️ If you liked the video, you can help us by liking and sharing it with your friends. ✔You might also like: 👌POPULAR UPLOADS Yumbo center : 🤍 Las Palmas Airport : 🤍 Center of Playa del Ingles : 🤍 Hotels in Playa del Ingles: 🤍 🔆GRAN CANARIA WEATHER VIDEOS : 🤍 😷PLAYA DEL INGLES LOCKDOWN VIDEOS : 🤍 🔴LIVE VIDEOS 🤍 #playadelingles #grancanaria #maspalomas

GUÍA DE LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA | Guía Las Palmas | Las Palmas de Gran Canarias turismo


Hola mis chamos. Les tengo un nuevo vídeo, y el primer blig de mi viaje por Gran Canaria. Iniciamos el recorrido de esta bella isla de España con una guía de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria y descubriendo qué ver en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria en 1 día. Estas son las opciones de turismo Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. VÍDEO GRABADO EN: Febrero 2022 Subscríbete: 🤍 Si quieres saber en dónde ando y qué hago a diario, pues mejor en Instagram no? Sígueme en Instargram: 🤍 guía de las palmas de gran canaria las palmas de gran canaria turismo las palmas de gran canaria en 1 día las palmas de gran canaria qué hacer guia de las palmas de gran canaria guía las palmas guia las palmas turismo las palmas de gran canaria ciudad de las palmas las palmas de gran canaria españa sitios que visitar en las palmas que ver en las palmas qué ver en las palmas que hacer en las palmas viajar a las palmas catedral de santa ana qué ver en las palmas de gran canaria que ver en las palmas de gran canaria Las Palmas de Gran Canaria las palmas gran canaria Las Palmas gran canaria qué hacer en las palmas Diego Perdomo Un Chamo de Viaje Enrique Alex Gran Canaria Alan x el Mundo Gran Canaria #LasPalmasdeGranCanaria #LasPalmas #GranCanaria

Une semaine à Gran Canaria


Cela fait 10 jours que nous sommes à Gran Canaria. Nous avons ressorti les vélos et exploré la ville de Las Palmas, capitale des îles de l'est de l'archipel des Canaries. Nous avons également fait le tour de La Isleta, la petite péninsule au nord de l'île, à vélo puis à pied. Et puis nous avons loué une voiture pour 3 jours, et là nous avons profité à fond des magnifiques endroits dont regorge l'île. On vous laisse apprécier ! #sailingtrip #canarias #grancanaria #voile #couplevlog

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - merita sa il vizitezi?


Am vizitat Las Palmas dar in acest vlog am avut parte de cele mai tari locuri de vizitat. Oras cu plaja, cu centru vechi si centru modern, cu magazine si restaurante, un oras ideal pentur un city break. - Devino membru comunitatii noastre sau intra in legatura cu noi aici: 🤍 Daca ti-a placut acest video, da-ne un like, share si aboneaza-te aici: 🤍 Bifeaza clopotelul din dreptul canalului nostru pentru a nu rata niciun episod! Contactati-ne pentru bilete la excursii si atractii aici: 🤍 Ne poti urmari si aici: 🤍 🤍

Ein Tag in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria | Spanien | Städtereise | 50plus Reise


Ich hatte die Gelegenheit zum ersten Mal nach Las Palmas de Gran Canaria zu kommen. Einen Tag durfte ich zu Fuß die Stadt erkunden. Hier mein kurzes Video dazu. 00:00 - Ein Tag in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 00:35 - La Vegueta (Altstadt) 00:50 - Casa Consisturial (Altes Rathaus) 01:00 - Catedral de Santa Ana 02:02 - Plaza de Santa Ana 02:32 - Casa de Colon (Kolumbushaus) 03:50 - Mercado de Vegueta (Markt) 04:21 - Cale Triana 04:54 - Playa de las Canteras Noch ein Video vom meiner ersten Reise zu den Kanarischen Inseln. Einen Tag durfte ich zu Fuß die Las Palmas de Gran Canaria erkunden. Hier mein kurzes Video. Viel Spaß damit für alle die, Interesse, Lust und Zeit haben. 😃✌️ 🙏Abonniere meinen Kanal für mehr Videos: 🤍 🔥Teile das Video mit Freunden: 🤍 🔥Alle Videos zum Thema "50plus Reisen" – 🤍 🔥Alle Videos zum Thema "50plus Lebenslust" – 🤍 FOLGE MIR: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Website: 🤍 #50plus #50plusVlog #50plusBlog #50plusReisen #bestager #bestagercomedian #bestagervlog #bestagerblog

Landing runway 03L Gran Canaria Las Palmas (LPA GCLP) Pilot view.


My last flight to Gran Canaria Las Palmas in 2017 was in december just before Christmas. It is an airport with 2 long runways parallel to each other. The airport is located in the eastern part of Gran Canaria on the Bay of Gando (Bahía de Gando), 19 km south of center of the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and 25 km from the popular tourist areas in the south. The airport was an official alternative (emergency) landing site for the NASA Space Shuttle, before the ending of Space Shuttle programme in July 2011. This approach was a very nice one with the sun in the back during the last part of the flight. Enjoy the film! All ATC and conversations are from this flight. Enjoy the view and movie! Greetings, MightyMKL (Don't forget to subscribe & like!) Twitter & Instagram 🤍mightymkl 🤍 🤍

Ma tu ci vivresti a LAS PALMAS de Gran Canaria?


💁🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️Ciao! Ci presentiamo subito! Siamo una famiglia cresciuta a Como che ha deciso di vivere ed investire nell'isola di Fuerteventura in pianta stabile dal 2017. 👶🏼👶🏼🐶🐶🐱Abbiamo 2 bimbi nati sull'isola , Edoardo e Riccardo, 2 labrador retrievers che ci hanno seguito dall'Italia e una micia! 👴🏻👵🏼Luca e Rosalba , i genitori di Ika, si sono aggiunti al gruppo qualche tempo dopo aiutandoci come nonni a realizzare il sogno di intraprendere vari business e al contempo aiutarci nelle faccende di tutti i giorni a crescere dei bambini che tanto desideravamo. ⁉️"Ci fermeremo a 2? Chissà" cit. Niko 😌🙏🏼Da quando entrambi abbiamo aperto partita iva alle Canarie abbiamo concentrato i nostri progetti sul garantire linearità , costanza e professionalità in ambiti lavorativi che a noi sembravano avere delle pecche un pò in tutto l'arcipelago, basandoci su Fuerteventura, l'isola che abitiamo. 💰Da febbraio 2022 abbiamo fondato la NIKOIKA FTV società di capitali con sede legale ed uffici sempre a Fuerteventura! ⚠️Vuoi trasferirti, cercare una casa in affitto breve, medio, permanente, comprare casa (per te od investimento) o semplicemente goderti una vacanza a Fuerteventura? ♥️BENVENUTO NEL MONDO NIKOIKA ✅Potrai fare riferimento a noi in tutto il tuo iter burocratico : Finalmente potersi far guidare sul posto , in lingua ed in piena sicurezza da Nicoló e Saskia. Con uno storico di oltre 1000 vacanze organizzate, decine di trasferimenti e oltre cento rogiti immobiliari diretti dal 2017, mettiamo anima e corpo per dare una marcia in più a Fuerteventura (e a chi è abituato a vedere le cose fatte in ordine) 💪🏼POCHI FORMALISMI : LA NOSTRA VETRINA SIETE VOI! 🐜🐜METTICI ALLA PROVA ED ENTRA A FAR PARTE DEL NOSTRO TEAM! 🔴 VUOI CONTATTARCI? WhatsApp ​🤍 ——— Facebook 🤍 ——— Instagram 🤍 email : hola🤍 🎁Segui il canale per avere accesso a centinaia di informazioni GRATUITE esposte in chiave simpatica e diretta. 🛎Lascia un bel mi piace e ricordati di attivare la campanella! #nikoika #canarie #grancanaria

Old Town - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


Vlog 75 | #travelcouple #digitalnomad #canaryislands #spain | Filmed June, 26th 2021 00:00 Intro 01:53 Plaze de San Francisco 02:28 Mercado De Vegueta 09:55 Lunch at Cafe Madrid 13:20 Plaza de Santa Ana 14:14 Casa de Colón 21:09 Drive to Maspalomas for sunset 22:25 Faro de Maspalomas ⭐️ Ways to support us ⭐️ 🔔 Subscribe to this Youtube Channel: 🤍 ❤️ Sharing is the ultimate social love. Share our videos in whatever virtual corner of the internet you hang out at ❤️ Comment on our videos ✅ Connect with us on Instagram: 🤍 💰 Leave a tip: 🤍 Referrals: - Sign up for Epidemic Sound: 🤍



Découvrez des logiciels puissants inédits en France : 🤍 Je vous fais découvrir L'île Gran Canaria des Canaries avec plus particulièrement la capitale Las Palmas tout au Nord et la ville de Maspalomas tout au Sud. Dans cette vidéo vous allez voir notamment : - La plage urbaine Las Canteras à Las Palmas - La vieille ville de Las Palmas - Comment se rendre à Las Palmas depuis l'aéroport - Comment aller à Maspalomas depuis Las Palmas - La Playa Del Ingles à Maspalomas - Les Dunes De Maspalomas - Quelle ville choisir selon vos goûts - Découvrez des logiciels marketing puissants inédits en France : 🤍 Youtube ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Site web ► 🤍 Mots-clés: vlog canaries, gran canaria, vlog iles canaries, iles canaries, las palmas de gran canaria, maspalomas, vlog maspalomas, vlog las palmas

Gran Canaria Maspalomas Meloneras Strand Shops Bars Restaurants 4K Juli


Gran Canaria, Maspalomas, Meloneras, Strandpromenade. Unser Spaziergang startet an der Palmen Oase, über den See "La Charca de Maspalomas", den Strand von Maspalomas, die Strandpromenade, mit den Bars und Restaurants direkt am Meer, zum Leuchtturm und über die Restaurant Meile, Shopping Center Oasis wieder zurück zum Strand und zur Palmen Oase. We Love Canarias 🤍 - You can support We Love Canarias by shopping at Amazon using the links below. You don't pay more or less! But no matter what you buy, we get a small commission from Amazon. 🤍 I would say: Win/Win Relax on the beach and pool with Audible audiobooks sample subscription of Amazon UK 🤍 Or with Amazon Music Unlimited Holiday Offer 🤍 Our highlights for your Holiday Bikinis 🤍 Beachwear 🤍 Suncare Sisley 🤍 Swimming Trunks 🤍 Summer Dresses 🤍 Canarias for at home Arehucas Run 🤍 Canary Rum 🤍 Jamon Serano 🤍 Aloe Vera Canary 🤍 Mojo Canary 🤍 Canary Grossery 🤍 Our Camera Equipment GoPro 🤍 DJI 🤍 Gimbal 🤍 You can find our music at Artlist 🤍 Epidemic Sound 🤍 — Sie können We Love Canarias supporten, in dem Sie über die folgenden Links bei Amazon einkaufen. Sie zahlen nicht mehr oder weniger! Aber: Egal was Sie kaufen, wir bekommen eine kleine Provision von Amazon. 🤍 Ich würde sagen: Win/Win Relaxen am Strand und Pool mit Audible Hörbücher Probe Abo von Amazon 🤍 Oder mit mit Amazon Music Unlimited 🤍 Unsere Highlights für den Ihren Urlaub Bikinis 🤍 Strandbekleidung 🤍 Sisley Sunleya 🤍 Badehosen 🤍 Sommerkleider 🤍 Canarias für Zuhause Canarias Cosmetics 🤍 Arehucas Rum 🤍 Jamon Serano 🤍 Artemi Rum 🤍 Aloe Vera Canarias 🤍 Mojo Canario 🤍 Unser Kamera Equipment GoPro 🤍 DJI 🤍 Gimbal 🤍 Unsere Musik findet Ihr bei Artlist 🤍 Epidemic Sound 🤍 — Subscribe To My Channel and Get More Great Videos about Gran Canaria 🤍 - Thank you for watching this video. I hope you like the daily videos I publish on the channel. Your comments are my oxygen, so please take a second and say hello';). — Other Videos To Watch: Gran Canaria, Maspalomas Beach and Faro today at 2 o'clock 👙🏖🌴 🤍 Gran Canaria Playa del Ingles Dunes of Maspalomas October 2019 😍 🤍 Gran Canaria Puerto de Mogan Beach, Viewpoint & Habour Shops & Bars 😍 🤍 - SCHEDULE Videos are uploaded almost every day. Make sure to Subscribe and hit the Notification bell to be notified when videos go live. ► Subscribe To My Channel and Get More Great Videos about Gran Canaria 🤍 — We Love Canarias is a Holiday Video Magazine. We make videos about the Canary Islands. About sightseeing, excursions and city tours, about hiking tours and routes, about nature, culture and recreation. We film in 4K without any post-processing or filters. We try to present the islands as they really are, the islands of eternal spring, located in the Atlantic Ocean. A piece of Europe in Africa. At the moment we are filming in Gran Canaria. There are already videos about Las Palmas, Playa del Ingles, San Agustin, About the dunes of Maspalomas, from Meloneras, Puerto Rico, Arguineguin, Puerto de Mogan. About the beautiful beaches of the island. And many more will follow. - Follow Me Online Here: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

#CarnavalRTVC | Drag Sethlas | Gala Drag Queen | Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2020


#CarnavalRTVC | Drag Sethlas | Gala Drag Queen | Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2020



3 de marzo de 2023 Parque Santa Catalina Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 25 aniversario de la Gala Drag Queen del Carnaval de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Resumen informativo de la gala en: 🤍

🌴 LAS PALMAS de Gran Canaria | travel video vlog 2022 4K sk cz slovensky cesky


👊 Páčilo sa vám video? MÔŽETE MA POZVAŤ NA KÁVU alebo sa stať členom: ► 🤍 Návod ako ma podporiť cez 🤍 ✌️ DAJ ODBER ► 🤍 ❓ KTO SOM? ► 🤍 ☕ KAŽDÝ PONDELOK 20:00 Streamujeme podcast VEČERNÁ KÁVA: 🤍 🤷‍♀️ S mojou maželkou Jankou robíme projekt ON vs ONA: ► Instagram ON vs ONA: 🤍 ► Tik-Tok ON vs ONA: 🤍 ► Youtube ON vs ONA: 🤍 🔴 Občas STREAM-ujem na kanáli Ondrej streamuje: ► 🤍 👕 Môj MERCH ► 🤍 🤗 SKUPINA CORE FANS NA Facebooku ► 🤍 🤔 Časté otázky na mňa: ► 🤍 🍓 Instagram: ►🤍 🍓 Twitter: ► 🤍 🍓 Tik-Tok: ► 🤍 🍓 Twitch: ► 🤍 🍓 Facebook: ► 🤍 📺 Koho sledovať na Youtube okrem mňa: 🤍 📷 VÝBAVA: 🤍 📧 KONTAKT: ► ondrejztrencina (zavináč) gmail (bodka) com



Acabo de estar en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, la ciudad más grande y cosmopolita del archipiélago canario. He hecho un montón de actividades de aire libre, disfruté de la gastronomía palmense y me emocioné recorriendo las calles empedradas del barrio de Vegueta. Te lo cuento todo en este vídeo que he hecho para 🤍 ¿ORGANIZAS UN VIAJE? Gracias a estos enlaces de afiliados conseguimos ingresos para mantener nuestra independencia y generar nuevos contenidos de calidad en este canal. Obtén un 20% de descuento en tu SEGURO DE VIAJE 🤍 RESERVA EN BOOKING TUS HOTELES en cualquier lugar del mundo 🤍 Contrata aquí tus EXCURSIONES alrededor del mundo 🤍 ¿Buscas INSPIRACIÓN PARA TUS VIAJES? En mi web 🤍 encontrarás fotogalerías e información práctica de multitud de países que he visitado. Escucha mis aventuras sonoras en formato PODCAST a través de SPOTIFY: 🤍 o en IVOOX: 🤍 Sígueme también en: INSTAGRAM 🤍 FACEBOOK 🤍 TWITTER 🤍 TikTok 🤍paconadal

Las Palmas: Stadt der Sonne | HD | ARTE


"Inseln der Glückseligen" - so wurden die Kanaren in der Antike genannt. Doch Gran Canaria hat mehr zu bieten als Sonne, Strand und Massentourismus. Die Kulturszene der Hauptstadt Las Palmas. Gran Canarias Inselhauptstadt Las Palmas ist die größte Stadt der Kanarischen Inseln und soll die Stadt mit dem besten Klima der Welt sein. Ihre Anziehungskraft als beliebtes Tagesausflugsziel. Im modernen Cabrio-Doppeldeckerbus die faszinierende Hauptstadt Las Palmas de Gran Canaria entdecken. Es ist die einfachste und nebenbei auch die komfortabelste Möglichkeit die lebhafte Metropole. Video von der AIDAsol im Hafen von Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, aufgenommen am 03.04.2016. Am Abend startete die Kanaren-Rundreise mit dem Sailaway aus dem Hafen

TOP THINGS to do in LAS PALMAS | Gran Canaria Travel Vlog


This is my third video on YouTube! This time travel vlog from sunny all year around Las Palmas de Gran Canaria! I hit up the main tourist attractions, went to the beach, and visited the most beautiful building in Las Palmas. Also, some helpful travel tips included! This is just the beginning of my journey on YouTube, so please like, comment, subscribe & share! ❤

I 14 Migliori Posti da visitare a Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


In questo video vediamo i 14 Migliori Posti da visitare a Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Iscriviti al nostro canale: Trasferirsi a Gran Canaria: 🤍 #GranCanaria #TrasferirsiaGranCanaria #laspalmas



_ Sígueme en Instagram: 🤍 IO.GENIX / código descuento MADELMAN 🤍 AGONGYM / código descuento MADELMAN 🤍 Asesorías metemora🤍 Instagram de mi editor: 🤍

Las Palmas De Gran Canaria 8pm - SURPRISING Find.........


Las Palmas De Gran Canaria 8pm , Canary Islands Spain walking through the capital city centre.



VIVERE ALLE CANARIE Se avete intenzione di trasferirvi alle Isole Canarie, o se siete solo curiosi di sapere come si vive alle Canarie, qui potrete prendere tutte le informazioni necessarie per farvi un'idea chiara. Oggi ad Italian Globetrotters, abbiamo come ospite Marta, una signora nata nel cuore delle Dolomiti, che poi si è trasferita a Bologna per studiare e ci ha vissuto per vent'anni. Dopo la nascita di loro figlio Leone, lei e il marito hanno deciso di cambiare l’ambiente dove farlo crescere, un ambiente più sano e sicuro per farlo vivere libero e all’aperto. Inoltre volevano anche una qualità di vita migliore, così dopo tante ricerche e dopo essersi informati bene, sono andati a vivere a Gran Canaria, nella città di Las Palmas, dove oggi vivono da 6 anni. Marta è una grande esperta delle isole Canarie e la persona più adatta a cui chiedere consigli per trasferirsi in queste isole meravigliose. Le isole Canarie sono una delle mete più ricercate e più desiderate dagli italiani. Un clima perfetto, sole per più di 3.000 ore all’anno, varietà di paesaggi, ritmi di vita più rilassati, tassazione molto bassa, alti livelli di sicurezza e tanto altro ancora, rendono queste isole quasi perfette. NON PERDETEVI QUESTA INTERVISTA!! 00:00 - INTRODUZIONE 00:34 - STORIA: la storia di Marta, percorso di studi, che lavoro faceva, perché è andata alle Canarie, lavoro attuale. 06:30 - LAVORO E PENSIONATI: situazione lavorativa, che lavori si possono trovare, stipendi, pensionati, tassazione, aprire un’attività in proprio, agevolazioni fiscali. 13:42 - COME SI VIVE ALLE CANARIE: costo della vita, qualità della vita, costo benzina, bollette, affitti, comprare casa. 19:50 - DIFFERENZE TRE LE ISOLE CANARIE 22:58 - CLIMA E AMBIENTE 34:47 - CANARI: come sono, come sono visti gli italiani, differenze culturali, cosa si mangia. 39:50 - COSA SI FA ALLE CANARIE: cosa si fa nel tempo libero, come si socializza. 42:27 - SICUREZZA 43:04 - SANITÀ E CONSIGLI ALLE FAMIGLIE CON FIGLI: scuole, cure mediche, svago, come funziona la sanità, gestione covid. 49:08 - CONSIGLI A CHI VUOLE TRASFERIRSI ALLE CANARIE 52:47 - PRO E CONTRO DELLE CANARIE 55:30 - SEI FELICE ALLE CANARIE, TORNERESTI IN ITALIA? 57:37 - IL MOMENTO PIÙ DIFFICILE Se avete bisogno di informazioni più dettagliate potete contattare direttamente Marta: INSTAGRAM: citofonare_barabaus LIBRO: “Maya e i quattro” - Il vulcano di La Palma (il ricavato andrà in beneficenza per aiutare l’isola di La Palma e i suoi abitanti, dopo l’eruzione del vulcano del 2021 - disponibile su Amazon) 🤍 Su questo canale troverete tutte le informazioni necessarie su come trasferirsi e vivere all'estero, grazie alle storie di italiani in giro per il mondo che hanno preso in mano la loro vita e hanno avuto il coraggio di provare a vivere la vita che desideravano e rincorrere i propri sogni! Iscrivetevi al canale per restare connessi e non perdervi la prossima intervista con un nuovo Italian Globetrotter. Ci vediamo nel prossimo video e spero di esservi stato di aiuto! A presto, Riccardo Music | "Another Time" by LIQWYD Watch: 🤍 License: 🤍 Download/Stream: 🤍 Music | "Free Range" by Mona Wonderlick ​Free Download: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 ​ #vivereallecanarie #italianglobetrotters #grancanaria

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